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What is Teyk?

What is Teyk?

Teyk is a wealth management platform. You can set up automatic investment saving plans with Teyk. We will help you invest every month and manage it 24/7.

To ensure your security we are regulated by the SFC. We are currently in the application stage for our Type 1 & Type 4 license.

As soon as this is approved we will onboard our customers in the order of the waitlist.

You can use Teyk to invest in exchange-traded funds listed on HK Stock Exchanges.

Teyk will be a licensed intermediary under the supervision of SFC. In the highly unlikely event that when Teyk goes default, investors are eligible for up to HK$500,000 in compensation under the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

Explanatory details available upon request or at https://www.hkicc.org.hk

We charge 0.5% AUM, only when your portfolio value is above your contributions.

This alone sounds too good to be true — but it's, well, the truth.

We're aligned with you.

As a wealth manager in 2021, if we can’t make money for you, why are you even paying us a fee? We only make money when you make profit from the market. Unlike every other financial product/service out there, we don't need to take money out of your pocket. We only win when you do.

But what if the market is keep going down?

The only way for Teyk to make money, is to have customer in the long money so that the customer can enjoy the long-term market growth with us.

Over the last decade, technology has enabled building the most efficient businesses in history. Building an automated, electronic brokerage from the ground up allows Teyk to eliminate the costly touchpoints where other wealth manager require human intervention or paper receipts. Rather than relying on primetime advertisements and costly brick-and-mortar storefronts, Teyk maintains a lean bottom-line, allowing it to attract and retain customers far more cheaply.


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Minimums start at HK$500, not the HK$8m as required at the Private Banks.

Think this sounds too good to be true? We’re able to offer such low minimums because we use technology to cut out the inefficiencies in the financial system, and in doing so we make it accessible to everyone.